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Steve Gundale
Dart Transit
(800) 366-3278 X277

Randy King
Melton Truck Lines
(800) 635-8669
There are lots of "testimonial letters" in our files.  Here are just a few:

"We have enjoyed being a part of TICs network of pamphlet distribution. . . .The program has been a winner." Truck Manufacturer

"Your service has enabled us to grab the owner-operator and small fleet business we were missing. In a nutshell, your service works." Parts and Equipment Manufacturer

"We received over four times more responses to the brochures than to all advertising combined."
Owner - Operator Recruiter

"TICs are my best, most reliable source of leads. Truckers think brochures are specialized, personalized, more of a one-on-one relationship and that they get more information from a brochure. Brochures make a bigger impression." Driver Recruiter

"I look forward to a good long relationship and am fully satisfied with the response we have been receiving."
Ad Agency

Or you may wish to speak to some of our customers.  A few are shown below for your convenience.

Jim Klepper
Interstate Trucker, Ltd.
(405) 948-6576
Randy Scheel
Hightower Agency.
(319) 477-6070
Larry Harrington
Aircell Intake Spacers
(866) 319-5478

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