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OTR driver
The Trucker Market
The American Trucking Association estimates that there are well over 2 million class 7 & 8 truck drivers. Over one-half of these are made up of owner-operators and small fleets of 2-10 units. Thousands more operate in independent hauling of exempt commodities, in contract carriage, hauling under their own operating authority, or are employed by private companies. Owner-operators and small fleets spend from $50,000 to $125,000 per year per unit, mostly for truck and trailer equipment and the products and services needed to keep the equipment running 100,000 miles a year.

Professional truck drivers make up the balance of the trucker market. Trucking companies with company owned equipment urgently need the services of qualified experienced truck drivers. Professional drivers who buy their first truck in any given year may out-number Owner-Operators who buy a replacement truck. These truckers are intensely interested in reading about equipment, components, services, and lease opportunities.

TIC's Target Truckers
TICs exist especially for truckers. Each TIC is a balanced blend of employment opportunities, products, and services and information from the DOT. TICs are located in truck stops because the truck stops are the one place the majority of truckers must be each day. The result is a captured audience of owner-operators, prospective truck owners, and professional drivers.

Trucking Information Centers (TICs) deliver a more informed market to truckers.  TICs spark trucker conversation in truck stops. Truckers text and call on their cell phones, CB radios, utilize twitter, facebook about your products and services.  TICs generate more leads and sales from truckers, and offer convenient literature fulfillment and web page address information. TICs fulfill more requests for additional information than all other media combined.

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