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TIC distributes
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products and
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OTR driver
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Advertise with Brochures

Brochures displayed in TICs have a unique combination of strengths that make them a powerfully effective advertising medium. Each brochure has full front panel exposure to create a billboard effect. This gets truckers' attention to present important features and provide name and product recognition. The trucker shows interest in your message simply by taking your brochure. The rest of the brochure has ample space for detailed information that presents your company at much greater depth than other media permit at comparable cost.

TIC's Deliver FULL-TIME EXPOSURE - 24 hour a day coverage, continuous offering of your advertisement through display of the full front panel in over 300 locations. When the trucker is ready, your message is waiting.

PERSONAL SELECTION - Your advertisement has greater impact because the trucker selected your brochure.

IMMEDIATE LITERATURE FULFILLMENT - Truckers do not have to write, call, go online, or wait to get information which they are anxious to have about you. They simply take one of your information packed brochures to read now or to save for later.

REPEAT EXPOSURE - The full view of the front panel is a "mini billboard" that truckers see again and again. The viewing creates a subliminal message that influences truckers whether they pick up the brochure that day or the next.

TIC's Entire Network of Locations Or Regional Locations -
Trucking Information Centers offer advertisers the entire network coverage or regional coverage.

FREE BROCHURE CHANGE OUT - There is no restocking fee to change out literature. Advertisers may use different brochures in the different regions at no extra cost.

Brochure Circulation - TIC circulation is described in two ways. First is trucker viewings of TIC displays in our host truckstops based on the formula for outdoor (billboard) advertising. We estimate that TIC truckstops have 30,000,000 trucker visits each year and, according to established advertising criteria, at least one-half of them see the brochure fronts. This translates into fifteen million trucker viewings a year astonishing 1.25 million each month, and over 40,000 a day!

The second aspect of circulation is pick-up. - Pick-up, or the number of brochures truckers take, is 175,000 each month. Pick-up compares to response. The trucker was interested enough to choose the brochure to read it and consider it (compare to a publication bingo ad). In addition to viewings and brochure pick-up is the "pass-along" circulation when truckers share the brochures with others.