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TIC distributes
literature in
truck stops
across the country to promote your
products and
services to the
OTR driver
Truckers depend on Trucking Information Centers (TICs) to find out about lease and professional driver opportunities, products for their trucks, and services they need to stay on the road. 
The Information Centers offer free “take one” literature aimed specifically at truckers.  They are conveniently located in major truck stops that are open twenty-four hours a day.

Most of the trucker market goes to our TIC network of truck stops often – Target truckers there.
Each brochure has full front panel view to give advertisers continuous twenty-four hours a day billboard exposure to the 1.25 million trucker viewings of TICs each month. Truckers personally select over 175,000 brochures every month, giving TICs the highest guaranteed trucker circulation of any medium in the nation.

Reach truckers day and night.
TICs reach the trucker market more cost effectively per exposure than any other medium. Most of a trucker’s time is spent on the road where he takes several daily breaks in truck stops. Truckers must wait a lot in truck stops for loads, money, fuel, food, phones, and many other things. Truck stops are where truckers have easy access to your advertising and the time to look at it carefully
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